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About Instant Classic Entertainment
Instant Classic is...

• a collection of webcomics about life, love, and artistry.

• written and drawn by Brian Carroll (and sometimes used as a soapbox as well).

• updated - for the most part - whenever a new comic gets drawn.

• a love letter to classic movies and genres. Don't be surprised if you see a literary character or ten wandering around the halls.

• dictated from the point of view of the characters as they see the world around them. The filmmakers in Brothers Donathan, for example, see their lives as though they were constantly making a movie or starring in one. As such, the characters are often self-aware - even if they aren't aware of it.

• chain-linked to every story within the IC universe. Genrezvous Point characters and topics exist (to some extent) in the world of the Prologue and Brothers Donathan and vice versa.

• a misnomer, as a "classic" is inherently something that has aged well over time. It's on par with someone saying "ATM machine"

• sometimes called a pretentious piece of garbage that's long-winded and hard to comprehend. That's okay. We occasionally think this ourselves.

Instant Classic Entertainment
A series of comics on life, love, and film • Written and illustrated by Brian Carroll • Updates weekly - tell your friends!
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